Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

As almost everywhere in the world no public services are allowed to take place here because of the Corona crisis.

In order to keep in touch with our members, supporters and friends especially during this time, we stream the Holy Mass from Blessed Gérard's Church in Mandeni every weekday at 7:30 am and every Sunday at 9:30 am (GMT +2).

Visit and celebrate with us!

Best regards

Father Gérard

17 years HAART / AIDS Treatment Programme (1 April)

17 years ago, on 1 April 2004, was the official commencement of our AIDS Treatment Programme.

22 years First Aid & Emergency Service (30 March)

22 years ago, on 30 March 1999, our first aid and emergency service made its first deployment.

28 years Malnutrition Clinic (15 March)

28 years ago, on 15 March 1993, we opened our Malnutrition Clinic.

Bursary Fund granted 360 bursaries for 2021 (11 February)

Our bursary committee met on 11 February 2021 and granted 360 bursaries for 2021:

The number of bursaries approved are as follows:

School Reapplicants = 154
School New applicants = 194
Tertiary Reapplicants = 2
Tertiary New applicants = 10
Please note that these are the number (360) of bursaries APPROVED. 
We will only know at a later date how many bursaries are actually PAID because some children may not have passed the year or been accepted at universities etc since the bursaries have been approved.

28 years Bursary Fund (3 February)

It was 28 years ago, on 3 February 1993, that Blessed Gérard's Bursary Fund paid out its first bursary.

25 years Disaster Relief (26 January)

25 years ago, on 26 January 1996, Blessed Gérard's Disaster Relief Project was initiated, when the Department of Water Affairs issued a flood warning for all people living along the Tugela River.

28 years Relief Fund (4 January)

28 years ago, on 4 January 1993, Blessed Gérard's Relief Fund started tto operate. We help people in our area in genuine cases of immediate need,
for example

  • to give food to starving families,
  • to give clothing to the poor
  • to give building material to needy people whose huts have burned down or just
  • to counsel and give advice to those who have no solution to so many different problems.

28 years Poor-Sick-Fund (18 December)

28 years ago, on 18 December 1992, the activities of our Poor-Sick-Fund commenced.

28 years Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard (28 October)

It was 28 years ago, on 28 October 1992, that the -Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard was founded by  Father Gérard Lagleder O.S.B., Dr. Paul Thabethe, Sr. Thuli Thabethe, Geoff Kalkwarf and Clare Kalkwarf.

More about this in our chronicle.

24 years Care Centre and Hospice (3 September)

It was 24 years ago, on 3 September 1996, that our Care Centre and Hospice and our church were blessed and opened.

26 years Pre-Primary School & Crèche (1 September)

Our Pre-Primary School & Crèche was opened on 1 September 1994.


20 years Children's Home (9 July)

Our children's home was started 20 years ago, on 9 July 2000.

26 years AIDS Education and Counselling (23 May)

26 years ago, on 24 May 1994, we started our AIDS Education and Counselling Programme.

Blessed Gérard's Care Centre - Drone view

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