Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

Pre-Primary School & Crèche

We provide "edu-care" and an early childhood development service for underprivileged pre-school children.

We are often asked if it is necessary to run a pre-primary school and crèche in such a remote area like oWhebede. Yes it is. The poverty rate in Zululand is very high. People often live from hand to mouth and single mothers are struggling very hard to make a living. Children are left to themselves from a young age; larger siblings take care of the very small ones.

Our pre-primary school provides these children with security, education, a wholesome meal that meets the nutritional needs of a day, helping them to get off to a good start in school life. Providing children with all they need to develop well is our contribution to equal opportunity for the poorest in this underprivileged area. It is always a great pleasure to experience these lively, alert children in our Blessed Gérard’s Pre-Primary School and Crèche.



We provide "edu-care" and early childhood development service for underprivileged pre-school children.

Our experience has shown that children who are largely left to their own devices in pre-school age without any major intellectual stimulation have very difficult times in school later on.

With our pre-school education, we help these children get off to a more successful start in school. Numerous positive feedback from our school children confirm this.

Our kindergarten offers mothers the chance to go to work in order to earn the necessary living and at the same time to know that their children are lovingly and well looked after.


Our kindergarten is located in Whebede.
Most of the people in this area live in very poor conditions.
Many fathers of families are forced to move away as migrant workers (e.g. to the port of Durban or to the gold mines in Johannesburg or even further) in order to find work.
Often they come home only once or twice a year and leave their wife at home and the steadily growing number of children after a short time.

Many times, mothers have to look after themselves and their children an their own.
Too often, fathers don't send money home.

This need was the reason why we opened the kindergarten back in 1995 and have been running it ever since, with the number of children growing steadily.

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