Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

First Aid and Emergency Service

Ambulance and First Aid Services

Although the ambulance and other vehicles of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre had been meant to be used just to visit sick people at their respective homes and to transport them occasionally between their home or hospital and Blessed Gérard's Care Centre we have been called by members of the public in many cases of emergencies when the Provincial or private ambulance services were not available. In the interim a good cooperation has developed between Provincial EMRS and ourselves sharing resources and mutually helping each other. Meanwhile the provincial and private ambulance services have improved to a degree that our help is rarely necessary.

On other occasions it just happened that our ambulance was first on the scene at road traffic accidents. We have been asked to render First Aid Services for public events like the Tugela Raft Race, the Mandeni Spring Fair.

Our equipment comprises a 4x4 ambulance, a trailer, a First-Aid tent with field beds, stretchers and First-Aid equipment. Inauguration of our service and blessing of the equipment by Bishop Biyase of Eshowe on 26 June 1999.

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