Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

Our prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,
Through your grace you have called me to serve you as a member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard.
I thank you for counting me worthy of this task.
I ask you humbly, with the intercession of Our Lady, St. John the Baptist, Blessed Gérard and all the Saints that the spirituality of our Brotherhood may pervade my life and my actions to be always dedicated to your service for whoever needs my help.
Trusting in your help I always want to protect the faith and have an open heart for my neighbour, especially the Poor, the Sad, the Lonely, the Handicapped and the Sick.
Grant me the strength needed to live according to this resolution as an upright Christian selflessly in the Spirit of Your Gospel.

For the honour of God, for the peace of the world and the benefit of our community.


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