Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

Legal Status

Recognition as Catholic association

On November 5th, 1992, the Bishop of Eshowe orally recognized our organization as a "Private Association of Christ's Faithful".

The official written decree followed on April 20, 1993.


Recognition as Relief Organisation of the Order of Malta

The Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta recognized our organization on April 20, 1993 as a relief organisation of the Order of Malta.

Extract from the official communication of the Hospitalier of the Order of Malta dated May 3, 1993:

Dear Father Gérard Lagleder,
At the meeting of the Sovereign Council on April 20, I presented the Brotherhood of the Blessed Gérard and your initiative was unanimously approved.
No contradictions have arisen against the inclusion of the Brotherhood in the group of the relief organisations of the Order.
The emblem has also met with approval. ...
I wish you success and God's blessings in your work and the tasks of the Brotherhood in South Africa.
With kind regards
Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager


Recognition as Public Benefit Organisation (PBO)

Further Information