Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

If you are prepared to make a donation ...

Where do you live?


How far your donation goes ...

With 50 £ ...

... we can pay for the total cost for 4 patients or 4 children for 1 day in our hospice or children's home.

... we can send 2 children of our children's home to the local pre-primary school for a month.

... we can train one unemployed woman as a seamstress in our sewing school.


With 100 £ ...

... we can send one child of our children's home to the local primary school for a year.

... we can pay the running cost (fuel & maintenance & fees) for one of our vehicles (ambulance or emergency vehicle or multipurpose vehicle) for one month.


With 500 £ ...

... we can feed 35 children in our malnutrition clinic for two month.

... we can pay for three weeks of medical supplies for our hospice and children's home.


With 1000 £ ...

... we can pay the cost of food & catering for the entire hospice & children's home for one month.

... we can pay the total running cost of our fully occupied hospice for two days.

... we can pay the cost of all our employed personnel for one week.


By the way:

£ 375.94 will pay for the nursing care of one Aids victim mother for one month.

£ 154.14 will supply the medical needs (i.e. medical supplies) of the entire hospice for one week.

£8554.09 to care for an HIV mother and child for a year. (provided both are inpatients in our hospice)

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