Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

If you are prepared to make a donation ...

The entire work of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard has to be financed from donations because the patients are so poor that they cannot contribute to expenses.
We depend on your help and are very grateful for every donation, whether large or small.

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How far your donation goes ...

R140$10£7 8 €buys a book to add to the library
in the Childrens’ Home
R155$11£8 9 €buys one pair of school shoes for a child
R210$15£10 12 €buys a plush toy for one toddler
R500$36£25 30 €buys the equipment
for extracurricular activities such as sport
R5.000$355£251 300 €buys clothes for one child for a year
R8.030$570£400 460 €pays the school fees for one child a year
R15.490$1.100£777 900 €feeds one child 3 nutritional meals
and snacks per day for a year 
R94.340$6.700£4750 5.500 €pays for the total costs of providing
a home, food, education and all other care
to a child in the Children’s Home for one year
R168.960$12.000£8500 9.850 €pays the salary of one caregiver for a year
R100$7£5 6 €provides a toddler in our crèche
with stationery for the year
R170$12£9 10 €buys a sandwich lunch
for each of the 90 children in the creche 
R1.200$85£60 70 €pays for water for a year
R62.403$4.432£31388 36.360 €pays the salaries of 4 dedicated Creche teachers
for a year to ensure that 90 toddlers
receive a sound foundation
R36.045$2.560£1810 2.100 €provides lunch for the year
for 90 children in the creche
R1.000$71£50 58 €pays the stationery
for one school going child for the year
R2.000$142£100 116 €pays the uniform
for one school going child for the year
R149.950$10.650£7550 8.741 €pays for the studies for 1 student
for a year’s study at a Tertiary institution
with residence fees included
R255$18£13 14 €pays for the nutritional porridge
and baby milk formula to feed one baby for a month
R122.500$8.700£61707.200 €provides 35 736 nutritional supplement meals
to malnourished children for a year at the malnutrition clinic.
R2.030$144£100120 €provides care for one HIV out-patient
for a year with symptomatic medication
R520.960$37.000£2640030.600 €pays all the costs of the HIV Clinic
to treat 700 HIV patients a year
with ARV’s provided by the Government
R56$4£23 €buys medication
to treat a patient in the Hospice for a day
R140$10£101 €buys 3 meals a day
for a week for a Hospice patient
R845$60£4550 €ensures a hygienic Hospice environment
by ensuring the contaminated/medical waste
is safely disposed of for a day
R14.080$1.000£700820 €pays for the salary
of one of the Hospice caregivers for a month
R1.720$120£6090 €can provide medication
to one patient in the hospice for a month 
R24.000$1.705£1.2001.400 €buys consumable medical supplies
and PPE for staff for a month
R323.840$23.000£1650019.000 €pays the salary
of an enrolled nurse at the Hospice for a year
R400$28£2023 €pays the salary of a cleaner per day
R465$33£2327 €pays for all the fuel needs per day –
including the generator
during times of load shedding   
R845$60£4150 €ensures that all of our vehicles
are fully licensed for a month
R3.660$260£180212 €pays for all of the utilities per day
(electricity, water, sewerage, rates)
R10.840$770£545631 €pays the salary of a kitchen employee per month
R77.160$5.480£38804.498 €pays our telecommunication expenses
for a full year


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