From our April 1995 Newsletter

Sketch of the planned Blessed Gérard's Care Centre.

In the new Transitional Local Council of Mandeni, many of the former local authorities have been brought together in one central body. This change in the new South Africa has created a lot of interest in our planned Care Centre among the local population.

It is with great anticipation that we can announce that we have completed most of the preparatory work and that the building plans are now almost complete. Our supporters have been very generous and have made it possible for us to start the construction in good conscience and many others have pledged their help during the construction. The local Rotarians and Round Table have pledged their willingness to sponsor. However, we still lack substantial funds to complete the construction and furnish it, and then later to run the centre. If you can open up any ways and means to get further donations, we sincerely ask for your help!