Clinic for malnourished children

Hunger relief does not just mean filling stomachs

We have set up a hunger relief project for malnourished infants, i.e. regular special consultations where malnourished children are examined, given medical treatment if necessary, and provided with a reconstituted diet, and their mothers are advised on nutrition and hygiene.


Initial situation

Underdevelopment and apartheid have left deep wounds among South Africa's blacks, especially township and slum dwellers:

The country is in an economic crisis. Many cannot find work or earn only a pittance. Some mothers die in childbirth or through acts of violence. Beliefs in ghosts and ignorance of the causes of disease affect health maintenance. Migrant labor (i.e., fathers are often away from the family year-round) leads to many illegitimate pregnancies. Poor or no education and lack of training and skills lead to abject poverty and thus often to malnutrition or undernourishment of children.

Project measures

We examine, weigh and register the children and refer them for medical treatment if necessary.

We teach affected relatives basic health care and nutrition.

We encourage parents to prevent disease through hygiene, proper nutrition, and vaccinations, and consult our social worker when social emergencies arise.

Where poverty is the cause of malnutrition and breastfeeding is not possible or sufficient, we provide the children with milk and formula free of charge.