Bursary Fund

Due to the great poverty in our area, many families are not able to pay for their children's education. Unfortunately, in South Africa there is no freedom of teaching materials and learning aids. Parents have to pay all school and tuition fees themselves.

However, since education is the foundation for a better future for the population and thus for the future of South Africa, the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard established this scholarship fund as early as 1993. Your donation or "sponsorship" helps us to provide a good education to talented young people of poor parents from the Mandeni area.

Training costs per year

The training costs per year in the current year 2017

    800,-- € educator/teacher
    900,-- € Paramedic or pharmacy assistant
1.100,-- € Chiropractor
1.300,-- € Social worker
1.400,-- € Health care manager
1.600,-- € Physiotherapist
2.300,-- € Nursing assistant
2.400,-- € nursing science
2.600,-- € Medical technician
2.700,-- € Nursing assistant or dental therapist
3.200,-- € Nurse practitioner
3.600,-- € Doctor/physician
4.500,-- € Psychologist