From our newsletter of Christmas 1995

BLESSED GÉRARD'S CARE CENTRE - a reality!!! After the hustle and bustle of the third quarter, this last quarter of 1995 may seem quiet. But I can assure you that it has been a time of far-reaching and profound activities that will have an intense impact on our members and the needy in the Mandeni area.

The biggest and most significant decision taken during this period was the final decision to carry out the construction of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre. We received the cost estimates and the construction contract was awarded. The contracted construction price was 674,256.57 DM. This was more than we had originally expected and has since increased because we encountered a thick layer of clay when digging the foundations. The changes in the plans of the civil engineer mean additional costs of DM 38,500.00. Despite all these difficulties, the construction work is going on and the foundations are almost finished.

I must say it is great to stand on the foundations and dream of the future. We are facing it with courage and thinking about how everything will work one day. The whole Care Centre concept will only work if you, the members, help. It will take us many hours of further planning and decision-making and execution until everything runs well. Fundraising will of course be an ongoing task.

That is why we are now turning to you, our active members, and those who want to become members, to support us in word and deed. Don't be shy, if everyone helps out even a little, we can do quite a lot.

A good example is our membership fees. Although membership fees alone are not enough to fund the work of our organisation, they do raise a substantial amount of money that helps to finance many of our projects. Thank you and please continue to help us!

Of course, we are always looking for new members. If you know someone who wants to join, please encourage them!

Dear Active Members, The Maltese Relief Service has generously agreed to fund the expenses of sending an instructor from the Irish Knights of Malta to train our Home Care Training Instructors. We are trying to have this lady with us in the spring of 1996. We are asking all those who have already agreed to be trained as trainers to attend this course. As soon as we have finalised all the details, we will contact you personally. If you still wish to join us, please contact our office or a board member.