Giving presents (24.12.2020)

Giving presents in our children's home on 24 December 2020

One of the bigger girls in the children's home was asked to write a short note about what she likes or dislikes about living in a children's home.

Her thoughts are really touching, especially what she said about Christmas in our children's home:

"Growing up in a children's home is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. It was like growing up in a normal house with my siblings, except that the difference was that we had many mothers and fathers.

I especially like all our Christmases because there is no happier feeling than just seeing our family united and smiling and laughing. After Holy Mass we have "open house" in Father Gerhard's living room. Everything is beautifully decorated and Father has lots of juice and biscuits for us. "Open house" with Father is the best because everyone is happy to be together. I mean, what's better than sitting with your brothers and sisters in a big room with biscuits and cold juice and talking and laughing with your "father" and your brothers and sisters."