Welcome (1.7.2020)

One of the most fulfilling tasks for all our staff and volunteers is to help when help is needed most.

Giving an abandoned newborn a loving and good start in life is one such task.

The Youth Ministry of Social Development brought us a new baby on 1 July 2020.

The little boy had been found by passers-by on the banks of the Tugela River in the dense bush.

The baby was unclothed, hypothermic and still attached to the placenta.

Paramedics stabilised the newborn on the spot before taking the baby to a nearby hospital, and from there he was placed in our care.

The children in our children's home welcomed him like a new baby brother.

Our caregivers mother him like their own baby.

This little boy shows us, in the midst of the Corona crisis and all the difficulties we face in these times, that it is worthwhile to be there for each other.