From our newsletter of December 1994


Eighteen members of our fraternity participated in a course for trainers in AIDS prevention, which was organised with the help of our Diocesan AIDS Team. Although we enjoyed the course, the subject of AIDS shocked us a lot. We formed three teams. One for the Mandikini area led by John Hlongwa, one for the Whebede area led by Conrad Khumalo and one for the Sundumbili area led by Dr Paul Thabethe.

Dr Thabethe has taken many opportunities to speak on the subject, one of his lectures was even broadcast on Radio Zulu. We think this is very beneficial because it allows us to reach a much larger number of people. It is depressing that despite all this, many have never heard of AIDS.

1 December 1994 is World AIDS Day - let us pray for all the victims of this terrible disease.