From our April 1995 Newsletter

KINDERGARTEN The new building of our kindergarten in Whebede

The construction work for the new building of our kindergarten is almost finished. The children will be able to move in within the next few weeks. With heartfelt gratitude we see how these little people are growing physically and mentally. The children are delighted and when the management visited the kindergarten a fortnight ago, the children were doing sports. The kindergarten teacher interrupted and encouraged the children to sing for us.

When Father Gerhard came to the kindergarten that week, the children were sleeping. He had teddy bears with him that had been donated for our children and he placed a teddy bear next to each child. Can you imagine the children's faces when they woke up?

We would like to thank again all the generous donors who made our kindergarten possible, also on behalf of the children and their parents. The official opening ceremony will take place in July.