Grace Mbonambi (2016)

"Can I ask you something?

Why do you write down what we tell you? Does anyone really care?"

My answer: "Yes, very much, me and many readers of the newsletter. Many friends and benefactors of the Brotherhood are happy to know a little more about the work here, not only through statistics but also through people who live here. If they agree I will publish what they tell me and their photo in our newsletter."

"If it's good for the Care Centre, I'd love to!

My name is Grace and I live in the countryside outside Mandeni. I have never been married and have two daughters, one of whom has sadly passed away, I have four grandchildren, only three of whom are alive today, and I have ten great-grandchildren.

I worked until I was 59 years old. Then I became ill and lost my job. From then on, I only had my sickness benefit.

My children don't live with me, so no one could take care of me when my leg was amputated last July. I can't walk any more and due to lying down all the time, I had developed severe bed sores. It hurt terribly. I never had such pain before, but here at the Care Centre they helped me. They healed the wounds.

I just went to the hospital for a routine check-up and the doctor was very complimentary about the nurses at the Care Centre, saying they had done a miracle. He only hears good things about the Care Centre.

Can I say one more thing about the donors?

I would like to thank the many people who help us with their donations. May God protect them and repay them many times over for what they do for us. May God grant them a long life."

(Grace is still with us at the hospice).