Help for Inkamana Abbey - Christmas 2004

Our President, Fr Gerhard, is a Missionary Benedictine from the Archabbey of St Ottilien in Germany and was sent out as a missionary to Inkamana Abbey in South Africa on 6 January 1987. When two of his confreres, Br. Stefan and Abbot Willibrord, became seriously ill and needed round-the-clock care, Abbot Gottfried asked us to admit them to our hospice as in-patients and we very gladly agreed.

Br. Stefan Ebert OSB suffered from Motor Neuron Disease and spent the final stages with us from 11 March until his death on 21 May 2004. He had always been an example of a monk with full devotion. Even in the last stages of his suffering he never lost his faith and kindness of heart.

Our member Abbot Willibrord van Rompaey OSB suffered a massive stroke in March 2004 and even when he was still in the recovery ward of Newcastle Hospital he insisted that he wanted to be transferred to us. With the exception of a few necessary short hospital stays at Umhlanga Rocks, Abbot Willibrord spent almost eight months with us, from 18 March until his death on 5 November 2004. Abbot Willibrord was a very gracious, kind and deeply grateful patient, but his own patience was severely tested as his diabetes and very weak heart left him almost blind and totally dependent.

Bless you, Brother Stefan and Abbot Willibrord! Your stay with us was a great privilege and a deep blessing. R.I.P.