Report from Christmas 1998

Blessed Gérard's Kindergarten

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Miss Zikhali who will start working in our kindergarten in January 1999. In the meantime she is gaining experience as a helper in the Mandeni Kindergarten. The headmistress kindly agreed that Ms. Zikhali could be trained with them free of charge until the end of this school year.

We are very grateful to Mrs. Zimmermann and her staff for their guidance and advice to our new teacher.

Miss Zikhali was born and raised in the Mhlubulweni area and therefore knows the local people. She is an active and reliable member of the parish of St. Patrick, which is part of the Mangete parish.

The new school year will start on 19 January 1999.

Our kindergarten teacher will be available from Wednesday 6 January 1999.

A new project coordinator

We have decided to appoint a new Project Coordinator for Blessed Gérard's Kindergarten. It is Rev. Sipho, the parish priest of Mangete. He joined our fraternity as an active member in September 1998 and has kindly agreed to take on this task.