Sinenhlanhla (2021)

Sinenhlanhla has been a patient at our hospice since December 2019.

She is 31 years old and has two children, a boy aged twelve and a girl aged four. While Sinenhlanla is staying with us, both children are being cared for by an uncle.

She lost her mother when she was fourteen and she and her siblings were raised by their grandmother. Sinenhlanla's father is unknown.

She had to help her grandmother a lot, but she was also lucky to be able to go to school.

School was the best time in her life. She loved to learn.

After school she had big dreams of what she wanted to be in her life, but things turned out differently. There was no money for education or university and unskilled job seekers were a dime a dozen.

She stayed at home with her grandmother and lives off odd jobs. The only regular income for the family is the grandmother's pension.

When she became ill and too weak to do anything herself, she considered it a blessing that she was admitted to the care centre.

"The doctor and nurses are so nice, always smiling and friendly and I can ask them anything, they always take time to explain. Thank you so much"