Voluntary service

Our programme for volunteers from the German-speaking countries

Applicants must

- have reached the age of 21.
- have a good to very good knowledge of English.
- have basic nursing knowledge (for assistance in the hospice).
- have basic pedagogical knowledge (for assistance in the children's home, e.g. through experience in leading youth groups, teacher training or similar).
- Be open and empathetic.
- respect the foreign culture.
- Be able to fit into the existing structures.
- have a positive attitude towards the church.

Applicants will be

- prepared for a possible assignment (motivational analysis, personal selection interview, information about the country and its people, culture, norms of behaviour, etc.).
- are supervised during their assignment.
- reflect on their experiences in a debriefing session after their assignment.

There are different areas of assistance:

1. Helping in the children's home
helping with homework and tutoring children with learning difficulties, and
Offering leisure activities, especially at weekends and during holidays.
These activities are designed to meet the special needs of the children and contribute to their personal development.

2. Assistance in the hospice
in the care and end-of-life care of terminally ill patients, mostly AIDS patients.
The volunteers are prepared for the special situation of caring for AIDS patients and are assisted by an experienced nurse.

The programme is led by Ms Maresi Rehder, who is also the contact person for all questions related to the programme:



Maresi Rehder

Maresi Rehder
Administrator of Goods, Communication Officer
Tel. +49 170 2102844
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