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Father Gerhard Lagleder 25 years of success in the fight against Aids in South Africa - mk online (5 June 2017)

Father Gerhard Lagleder founded an aid organisation in South Africa 25 years ago. There he helps people who have AIDS. His work is a success story. He talked to us about it. When Father Gerhard went to South Africa as a missionary, apartheid was still raging in the country. After the fall of communism, the next scourge hit the country: AIDS spread rapidly - and people have to live with it somehow. In the meantime, treatment has made it possible to live almost normally despite the infection.

In the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, which the Benedictine founded, infected people receive medication, malnourished children are fed, there is a scholarship fund, an emergency aid fund, a hospice and much more.

Father Gerhard grew up in Regensburg, was a paramedic with the Malteser and then became a missionary in South Africa. There he saw how Aids was spreading more and more. In his care centre, he started to treat people, to accompany their dying and to take care of AIDS orphans.

South Africa - Catholic Church in the fight against AIDS (30.9.2012)

An interview by Father Niggewöhner with the Missionary Benedictine Father Gerhard Lagleder OSB, founder of the aid organisation "Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard".


A victory in the fight against AIDS in Africa (29.8.2012)

A victory in the fight against AIDS in Africa. South Africa is one of the countries with the highest AIDS rate worldwide, almost every 5th person there is HIV positive. That is almost 6 million people. There are 390,000 new infections every year.
In an interview with Radio Stephansdom, Father Gerhard Lagleder talks about the fates behind these figures and reveals why he can declare a victory in the fight against AIDS in Africa.


Portrait: Fr Gerhard Lagleder - Missionary Benedictines in action for South Africa's poorest (13.8.2011)

Portrait of People - Fr Gerhard Lagleder.

The Church as a pioneer in the fight against AIDS. (29.7.2011)

Mandeni on the east coast of South Africa is the AIDS capital of the world: almost 80 percent of the population there is HIV-positive.

Benedictine Father Gerhard Lagleder has built up the Brotherhood of Blessed Gerhard there, an aid organisation of the Order of Malta.children's home and hospice facilities give hope to the sick:

The Brotherhood of Blessed Gerhard (2.6.2011)

Our guest: The Brotherhood of Blessed Gerhard.


Interview with Father Gerhard Lagleder (26.5.2011)

Not many countries have a higher HIV rate than South Africa. Almost one third of the population carries the AIDS virus. That corresponds to the entire population of Austria. But an Upper Palatine man has set out to help: Father Gerhard Lagleder. He is a Benedictine monk and he is President of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, an aid organisation of the Malteser.


Culture shock of love (18.5.2011)

Gerhard Lagleder is a man who can effortlessly unite seemingly contradictory things. He is a priest and a trained paramedic, a Benedictine monk and the director of a hospice.

And all this in South Africa. Above all, Father Gerhard Lagleder is there for countless AIDS patients.

Help in the AIDS capital of the world (15.5.2011)

Help for Mandeni, the AIDS capital of the world. Interview by Claudia Bresky, Catholic Editor, with Fr Gerhard.


Father Gerhard T. Lagleder OSB: Missionary, Monk, Maltese - Faith and Illness (1.5.2011)

Father Gerhard Lagleder is a Missionary Benedictine. A monk who does not live in a monastery, but works and prays as a missionary all over the world. But Lagleder follows two vocations: He is not only a priest - but also a paramedic with the Malteser relief service. He combines both in his work in South Africa.


Father Gerhard Lagleder OSB as a guest on Radio Maria Südtirol (20.4.2011)

Excerpt from a live broadcast on 20 April 2011.


Support for AIDS treatment in South Africa (5.4.2011)

Reportage / interview with pupils of the Descartes-Gymnasium in Neuburg an der Donau.


Mission in South Africa and the fight against the HIV virus (29.3.2011)

An interview by Sabine Böhler with Father Gerhard. Broadcast on 29 March 2011 on Radio Horeb.


Under the Southern Cross (16.3.2011)

Benedictine missionary Father Gerhard reports from Zululand.


An imperishable brotherhood (3.2.2011)

Faith Course Mission in South Africa, Part 3. Fr Gerhard Lagleder.


Move to the land I will show you! (13.1.2011)

Like Abraham once and later the Wise Men from the East, missionaries still set out today to find the Lord and be a blessing - Missionary experiences of the Missionary Benedictine Father Gerhard.


Search for shelter in Zululand (8.12.2010)

Faith Course: Looking for a Hostel in Zululand. A home for children without a home. Fr. Gerhard Lagleder


A heaven of care in the midst of AIDS hell (1.12.2010)

Faith Course: For World Aids Day: A Heaven of Care in the Midst of Aids Hell with Fr Gerhard Lagleder.


World AIDS Day (1.12.2010)

A telephone interview by Max Förster with Father Gerhard Lagleder OSB on World AIDS Day, 1 December 2010.



Condoms alone do not solve the AIDS problem (1.12.2010)

The Church's permission to use a condom is not decisive in the fight against AIDS. This is what the missionary Benedictine Gerhard Lagleder told Munich Church Radio on the occasion of World Aids Day.
Rather, he said, it was about calling people to act responsibly.


Mission in South Africa (21.10.2010)

Faith Course: Mission in South Africa with Fr Gerhard Lagleder.


In AIDS hell (7.9.2010)

Interview by Johannes Tanzler with Father Gerhard on 21 July 2010 on the occasion of the International AIDS Conference in Vienna.


Football World Cup 2010 (23.6.2010)

Football World Cup 2010: South Africa needs friends ... even after the World Cup.


Fight against Aids in South Africa: "Jesus also fought windmills" (28.8.2009)

Prevention and treatment: Father Gerhard Lagleder reports on anti-Aids programmes, on prejudices and social problems.


Mission in South Africa (28.7.2009)

An interview by Radio Horeb with Fr Gerhard Lagleder OSB, President of the South African Maltese (Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard), Diocesan Charity Director of Eshowe, South Africa.


Father Gerhard Lagleder on home leave (28.6.2009)

An interview by the Catholic Radio Editorial Office, Diocese of Regensburg, with Father Gerhard Lagleder OSB.


Pope Benedict XVI in Africa (22.3.2009)

Father Gerhard gives a telephone interview for Antenne Bayern on the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Africa.


AIDS is widespread in this region (19.3.2009)

Father Gerhard gives a telephone interview for the Norddeutscher Rundfunk.


Ulrich Schwab interviews Father Gerhard Lagleder OSB (7.8.2008)

Missionary Benedictine Father Gerhard Lagleder set up a hospice for AIDS patients twelve years ago. Since then, he and his staff have been working to prevent and educate people about the dangers of infection. Ulrich Schwab talked to the Benedictine priest about the fight against AIDS in South Africa.


The Sunday Morning: A Look Beyond (6.1.2008)

Interview by the Catholic Radio Editorial Office of the Diocese of Regensburg with Fr Gerhard.


Interview by Paul Hasel with Father Gerhard Lagleder OSB (15.11.2004)

The President of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard is with us in the studio today, and we want to talk to him about his commitment and thus also that of Malteser International to the AlDS sick in South Africa. He is the Benedictine Father Gerhard Lagleder.


Malteser South Africa (8.11.2004)

An interview with Father Gerhard Lagleder on 8 November 2004.


Father Gerhard - a missionary on home leave (28.10.2004)

He is a Benedictine priest and has lived in South Africa for 17 years. AIDS, poverty and hunger - In Zululand he cares for the poorest of the poor. Father Gerhard was Dieter Bleisteiner's guest during the lunch break at Ramasuri.

Teddy bears for a children's home in South Africa (28.2.2001)

Broadcast about Blessed Gérard's Children's Home on 28 February 2001.


Sermon for World Mission Sunday 1994